What is $MYOSIN Worth? A Top Down Approach

February 15, 2022

Here at Myosin DAO, we are busy at work building the onboarding & community tools to enable growth marketers to quickly get up to speed with our web3 clients and deliver tangible value. As part of the payout of working with one of our projects, you’ll receive an allocation of 500 $MYOSIN tokens. But what value is this ERC-20 worth? Here are four different ways to consider the economic value we are tokenizing with $MYOSIN token.

Value of an expert professional services network

There are a myriad of professional research & expert network firms positioned across the B2B services industries. One shining example of an expert network is Gersen Lehman Group, or GLG for short. Another example could be more of a startup studio, where there are operating experts who help stand up product-market fit prototypes financed by the backing of a venture fund or accelerator program.

GLG generates $550 million in topline revenue in a fiscal year from its professional services. Since GLG represents experts across different industries, from pharmaceutical scientists to construction engineers, let’s estimate that only 10% of it’s topline revenues are attributable to online marketing experts like one of our founding members, Simon Yi. Simon is a part of several professional expert network firms including GLG, MarketerHire, Deloitte Consulting and has first hand knowledge of how valuable industry knowledge is in a professional expert network. The advertising technology and marketing technology industries give companies a competitive advantage when it comes to brand and demand generation marketing initiatives, which is why GLG is able to capture so much economic value with their clients.

For startup studios and accelerators, let’s take Founders Factory and Techstars as examples. Estimated revenues for Founders Factory, a London-based startup studio, hover around $31 million per year in topline revenue according to industry insights firm Zoominfo. While accelerators like Techstars deliver just shy of $100 million per year in topline revenue – again this is an estimate of economic value generated by the Techstars talent network that is able to help founders operationalize their business. Oh it just so happens that founding member Blake Kim is an alumnus of Founders Factory.

Let’s say that $MYOSIN’s expert network can deliver between $31 million and $100 million in economic value at it’s most fully mature state in it’s DAO lifecycle. This is the economic value that MyosinDAO is seeking to capture and tokenize for its members.

Value of web3 marketing tools:

Since $MYOSIN token can be used to purchase subscriptions to marketing tools that DAO members develop, we can approximate that the economic value captured in $MYOSIN is comparable to a marketing technology (aka MarTech) software-as-a-service tool. According to industry publication MarTech Alliance, the MarTech industry is worth $344 billion, with CMOs reporting that 23% of their marketing budgets are devoted to tools and data providers.

As of 2020, there are more than 8,000 MarTech tools that marketers can choose from, with 24% more entrants into the space each year according to space according to Scott Brinkler, a respected industry analyst. If we assume that Myosin is able to capture just 0.1% of the MarTech market, Myosin's marketing tools would be valued at $344 million.

Furthermore, if we project that the global consumer adoption of web3 browsers and tools that preserves a user's privacy, we can expect to see web3 marketing technology cannibalize budgets currently earmarked for media spend. On an economic unit basis, online impressions cost between $1.58 for programmatic online banner ads to $20 for mobile online video ads per 1,000 impressions according to advertising research firm eMarketer and research firm MarketerDive.

Value of the two networks combined:

We believe the economic value captured and tokenized within $MYOSIN looks similar to 2 logarithmic curves, where the value of the Myosin professional expert network will expedite the value of the Myosin marketing tools. With more growth marketing experts in our network, Myosin DAO will be able to leverage the experience, perspectives and opportunities from it's members.

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