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Highly Vetted Professionals With On-Chain Reputations
We only select the best of the best.

With a 2% acceptance rate and thousands of applications, our clients don't have to worry about quality of work. We're web3 degens, but professionals at heart.

That's why we created on-chain reputation scores for all our members, so we can keep track of how much our clients and community members enjoy working with each and every one of our DAO members.
Acceptance rate, with 3k+ applications and growing.
Reputation Scores
We are building On-Chain Reputation scores for all members, so we know who's actually good or not.
Member Highlights
  • @Salo
    • 8+ years as a digital marketing & e-commerce expert
    • Full-stack Web3 marketer: from design to dApps, community, paid media, and growth hacking
    • Growth & Analytics Genius
  • @Ed-9000
    • 10 years in blockchain as a Bitcoin and $ETH OG, & 10 years working in broadcast media.
    • Expert in all things media, marketing, design, crypto, web3, NFTs and gaming, with deep experience as an NFT degen.
  • @Sombrerojak
    • Veteran in crypto, web3, online gaming, and professional poker.
    • 15+ years in digital marketing including Square Enix & VALVE Corporation.
  • @theserif
    • Design veteran with 15+ years of experience building and designing brands in Web2, and now Web3.
    • Previous clients include Spotify, Meta, Calvin Klein, Google , WNYC, NPR, SONOS, Ramada, Heineken, Merck.
  • @VernongHolston
    • 12+ years of digital marketing agency experience.
    • Currently running a metaverse agency, Banquet, powering activations for Fortune 500 brands.
    • Leads the Metaverse guild at
Founding Team
Simon Yi
Blake Minho Kim
Sean Clayton
Let's Work
Let's accelerate mainstream web3 adoption to create a better digital future, together.