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brand marketers in web3.

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Our audiences reach 71 million crypto wallet addresses.... and counting

Growth Marketing

  • Identify paid and owned channels that drive systematic growth for your product
  • Drive growth and revenue by maximizing the throughput of the user acquisition funnel
  • Chart a path towards a self-sustaining, automated user acquisition flywheel

Marketing Tools for Web3 Marketers

  • We built Meta Ad Exchange, a bespoke Demand Side Platform (DSP) to reach the Crypto curious
  • We are prototyping a partnership search tool for NFT community managers who want to identify projects based on what their community is currently holding
  • We are prototyping a user user acquisition tool for marketers to drop NFTs on a web mapping platform

Sharing growth playbooks

  • Campaign performance data is minted as a Polygon NFT
  • Campaign performance NFT gives advertisers access to our decentralized 3rd-party ad server (D3PAS)
  • D3PAS gives web3 projects a way to cross-check performance data against SSPs and DMP vendors

We Operate aS a
Decentralized Autonomous

OUR Path Towards

February 2022

Hosted builders and community leads who have the voice of crypto x culture at our launch event in Breckenridge, Colorado after ETH Denver 2022.

March 2022

Launched white paper & kicking off our fundraising for our seed round. We will be launching our ERC-20 and listing on Uniswap.

April 2022

$MYOSIN core team continues to build relationships with GameFi builders, Solana, Binance and Algorand blockchains during BTC Miami.

August 2022

Launch a decentralized ad server (D3PAS) that works in conjunction with Meta Ad Exchange, Myosin's DSP that enables advertisers to target 71 million wallet addresses across the web.

September 2022

Kick off Asia roadshow at Token2049 in Singapore, meeting with key media industry insiders and crypto-native funds.

December 2022

Mint active DAO members with on-chain reputation scores. Myosin NFTs act as a signal for best-in-class skills as decentralized identities (DID) become popularized in web3.

Q1 2023

Decentralize Myosin's governance protocol, beginning with the formation of a governance committee made up of the most active members of our community.

Q2 2023

Enable self-sovereign identities based on Myosin's Growth Marketer Reputation ERC-721 with the introduction of Myosin's ERC-725.

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