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We're always looking for highly skilled professionals to join our ranks.

Only apply below if you are a self-starter who takes initiative, and want to join a global DAO that is accelerating web3 adoption for the masses.
  • | Growth Marketers
  • | Community Managers
  • | Content Writers
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  • Strategists | Designers |
  • Content Writers | Growth Marketers | Community Managers |
  • Biz Dev and Partnerships |
  • Developers | And More |
Genius Type
Biz Dev
For relationship builders and superconnectors who want to crush deals, establish partnerships, and win projects to help the DAO grow.
Genius Type
For strategists, managers, and moderators who love building and growing online and IRL communities.
Genius Type
For hackers, builders, and developers who love building scrappy MVPs and new tech products.
Genius Type
For creatives who love designing new brands, websites, products, and more.
Genius Type
For technical marketers who know how to build funnels, run programmatic ads, and analyze large data sets.
Genius Type
For content creators and influencers, whether in audio, written, or video form.
Genius Type
For brand and marketing strategists who know how to work with CMOs, growth hack, and build holistic marketing strategies.
Genius Type
For those who know how to manage project teams, set a roadmap, build relationships with clients, and grow important accounts.