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Leveraging the latest in emerging tech to build the future of consumer experiences for brands and consumers alike.

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Product veterans who've built & sold multiple products and startups over 20+ years of combined experience. Originally from Web 2, now fully web3, capable of both.

Holistic POVs

Because we are part of a larger marketing network, we think holistically about how anything we build fits into your Growth and Go To Market ambitions.

Agile Devs

Dedicated agile full-stack developers or teams, capable of helping early stage startups and global Enterprise level brands alike.

Capabilities & Products.

Your veteran devs, product managers, and startup builders, all here to build bespoke experiences & help you accomplish your goals with the Myosin Product Suite.

Building leading digital experiences.

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Jeeves is an AI-powered travel concierge that unlocks personalized travel at scale for adventurers and brands alike.

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Shiseido+ Collectibles

In collaboration with the global Shiseido Innovation team, we built a bespoke Collectibles program, teaching and onboarding internal employees into web3, slated to launch Q1 '24.

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Full-stack product experts & devs.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate, dynamic, and talented individuals. Do you have what it takes?
Partnerships Genius
Founder of RCG Global, a consulting network helping early stage companies over the last 7+ years. Currently Head of BD at Liquify.io.
Portrait of a woman
Olivia Rhye
Founder & CEO
Former co-founder of Opendoor. Early staff at Spotify and Clearbit.
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Phoenix Baker
Engineering Manager
Lead engineering teams at Figma, Pitch, and Protocol Labs.

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The latest insights on AI, web3, DAOs, and the state of industries from our network.
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Head of Product
Co-Founder of Myosin.xyz, with over a decade building and launching companies in early stage tech & venture. Ex-Human Ventures & Founders Factory.
Product Guild Lead
Deep experience building products through his time at Human Ventures, supporting the launch of over a dozen tech and tech-enabled solutions. Currently Nam leads a product studio, Pollen, where he works with clients such as Shiseido & Avery Dennison.
Product Genius
Seasoned product leader with a rich history of steering early-stage startups from pre-seed onwards, specializing in product strategy, team streamlining, and optimizing product/market fit.
Product Genius
Resident AI expert and prompt engineering virtuoso. Deep prior experience working and teaching courses in growth & analytics.
Product Genius
Full-stack dev with deep experience in web3, building and shipping products in DeFi, NFTs, and much of web3.