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Do you accept applications from people who are not marketers?

Yes! Our goal is to build global network of marketers and marketing products in web3, but we need people with all different skill sets in order to achieve this mission. If you're a developer, technical writer, governance expert or something else, we encourage you to apply and make your case for joining the DAO.

How many new members do you bring on per month?

We accept new members based on our network's needs. Please apply for membership and we will be in touch.

What do you look for in the member application?

As a community-owned organization, we want to see applications that clearly articulate what you will bring to the network -- be it new connections, new skills, or new ideas that we can incubate.

What are the benefits only available to members?

Members have token-gated access to a global community of web3 experts who can make introductions, share knowledge and keep track of market intelligence. We organize Myosin House, which manifests as a traveling venue that brings culture to bear at web3 conferences around the world.

How long does my membership last?

We require all members to be an active contributor to the community. By attending weekly community calls, guild meetings, and being active in our token-gated Discord server, you'll find opportunities to contribute to the network based on your interest and skills. Inactive members are removed from the community on a semi-regular basis.

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